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AASM Membership Sections Newsletter Issue #1
American Academy
of Sleep Medicine
Welcome to the first issue of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
(AASM) Membership Sections Newsletter! Membership sections repre-
sent the diverse interests of the AASM Membership as distinguished by
. The Membership Sections Committee (MSC) is comprised of
the eight steering committee chairs. The MSC and steering committees,
raise the AASM’s visibility in the sleep community, encourage discussion
within the membership, and serve as a conduit between members and the
Board of Directors.
In August 2011, the MSC distributed a survey among AASM members
to gauge their awareness and perceptions of the sections. The survey results
were instrumental in our decision to create a Membership Sections Newsletter. We thank everyone who com-
pleted the survey and are grateful for the feedback shared with us. Selected results are detailed on the adjacent
page. Members expressed an uncertainty of section activities
paired with an eagerness to increase their engagement with
the Academy. This newsletter will be a catalyst to provide in-
formation and relay opportunities for member involvement.
Members of the section steering committees are experi-
enced in their areas of sleep medicine and sleep research and
are asked to provide insights for upcoming AASM work-
shops, patient education products and the online discussion
forums. These thought leaders represent their specialties
during updates to critical documents, such as the
. They also contribute to the creation and revision of
standards of practice parameters, which are an integral part of setting clinical standards to guide the evaluation,
diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients with sleep disorders.
The MSC is working to expand the presence of the membership sections in the Academy. The main respon-
sibilities of the steering committees culminate at the annual SLEEP meeting and include planning debates and
presentations for the section meetings, selecting abstract award winners, and proposing meaningful educational
programming. This year, the MSC is honored to host a networking reception and hopes to use the momentum
gained at SLEEP 2012 to offer section activities throughout the year.
Our membership recently passed its 10,000
member milestone, so it’s more important than ever to facilitate
clear communication between the leaders and members of our organization. As we boost our efforts to represent
the AASM membership, we invite your active participation. Section membership is free and requires no time
commitment. You can join as many sections as you like, but one section must be indicated as your primary sec-
tion for voting and award purposes.
I hope that you find this publication informative and feel inspired to increase your involvement with
our organization by joining a membership section. Your perspective is always welcome via email at
Eve Rogers, MD, FAASM
Membership Sections, Chair
Message from the Chair
Eve Rogers, MD, FAASM
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